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Volume 5 Issue 1 Jan - June 2021

Review Articles

Recent Advances in Composites: A Literature Review
Fathima Amal, Aswathy Y, Neeraj Mittal, Akanksha Dhiman, Nimy Rajan, Chirantan Chowdhury

Although composites form the base of restorative dentistry but these materials are associated with various shortcomings like polymerization shrinkage stress, biocompatibility issues and material properties like limited toughness and the presence of unreacted monomer that remains following the polymerization, and several other factors. Fortunately, these materials have been the focus of a great deal of research in recent years with the goal of improving restoration performance by changing the initiation system, monomers, and fillers and their coupling agents, and by developing novel polymerization strategies. This review article explains the basics of composites and recent advancements done in these materials to improve their properties. Keywords: Composites, Methacrylate, Monomers, Photopolymerization, Shrinkage stress

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