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Volume 5 Issue 1 Jan - June 2021

Original Articles

Assessment of Knowledge and Attitude of Usage and Type of Topical Anesthesia among Dentists
Sonali Roy, Archana Kumari, Praveen Chandra

Background: Local anesthesia refers to a loss of sensation caused by a reversible blockade of nerve conduction around the site of application. Present study aimed to assess knowledge and attitude of usage and type of topical anesthesia among dentists. Material and Methods: The present study was conducted in the Department of Dentistry. For the study, 200 dental practitioners who were registered with the Dental Council were included for the study. We designed a self-structured, closed ended questionnaire for the study which included demographic, professional characteristics and knowledge regarding usage and type of topical anesthesia. The reply of the dentists was tabulated and subjected to statistical analysis. Results: We observed that Lidocaine gel was the most commonly used topical anesthesia. Most least used anesthetic was Lidocaine patch. Benzocaine was observed to be least effective by the dentists. It was observed that majority of dentists used topical anesthesia for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Least number of patients used anesthetic for more than 2 minutes. Conclusion: Within the limitations of the present study, it can be concluded that Lidocaine gel was the most commonly used topical anesthetic with good effectiveness. Also, majority of dentists used topical anesthetic for 30 sec to 1 minute. Keywords: Topical anesthesia, Lidocaine, LA, dentists.

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