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Volume 5 Issue 2 July - December 2021

Review Articles

Nisha, Lolakshi Kachroo, Fozia Sultana, Sandeep Kour, Vasundhra Sethi, Fathima Amal

Caries prevalence is at peak in world at present specially affecting older and socially disadvantaged groups in Western cultures. If caries spread is not stopped at early stages it will advance through dentine stimulating pulpitis and eventually pulp infection and necrosis; however, if conservatively managed, pulpal recovery occurs even in deep carious lesions. For selective (partial) caries removal and a reduced pulp exposure risk, minimally invasive treatment strategies with one step or two step, has been advocated. Management strategies for the treatment of the cariously exposed pulp are also shifting with avoidance of pulpectomy and the re‐emergence of vital pulp treatment (VPT) techniques such as partial and complete pulpotomy. Present review article concentrates on the procedures for the management of deep carious lesion. Keywords: Apexification, Apexogenesis, Caries, Pulpotomy.

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