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Volume 5 Issue 2 July - December 2021

Review Articles

Harloveen Virk Sabharwal

Designing and producing clinically effective, multifunctional toothpastes is an extremely complex undertaking. In formulating them a myriad of basic concerns must be satisfied, including safety, optimal rheology, pleasant flavor, packaging, shelf life and acceptable cost. Beyond that, the ultimate goal is to ensure that the toothpaste ingredients designed to accomplish each specialized function will remain compatible in a combined or final formulation. That requires for each active ingredient to retain its specific activity over time and under various storage conditions and to do so without compromising the other active ingredients to perform in a clinically effective manner. In short, the design, composition and manufacture of modern toothpastes has become enormously sophisticated. Present article will mainly focus on the recent advancements in dentrifrices. KEYWORDS: Dentrifrices, tooth pastes, tooth powder, advancements

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