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Volume 2 Issue 1 Jan-March 2018

Case Reports

Singh N, Masih S, Mudgil P

Ribbond, a bondable, reinforced polyethylene fiber material is successfully used in dentistry as a fixed orthodontic retainer, a post traumatic stabilization splint, replacement of missing teeth and can also be used as an ideal space maintainer. The basis of its clinical usage and acceptability is the easy adaptation of the polyethylene fiber material to dental contours and unsurpassed manageability during the bonding process. It has been designed with the patented lock-stitch feature which helps it to effectively transmit forces through the weave without transferring the stress back to the resin. This paperpresents a case report showing the application of Ribbond as an esthetic space maintainer in pedodontic practice and supports the fact that the combination of polyethylene ribbondfiberand composite material can also be an efficient alternative to conventional unaesthetic space maintainers in pedodontic practice. Keywords - Esthetic space maintainer, Pedodontics, Ribbond.

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