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Volume 2 Issue 3 July- Sep 2018

Review Articles

Post Retrieval Techniques: A Review
Kanwardeep Singh Sohi, Neel Gagan, Simreet Singh Dhingra, Sunil Kumar MV, Harikesh Rao

The Removal of Post from endodontically treated teeth can be a great obstacle in endodontically treated teeth, often leading to extraction of a tooth that could have been saved. Various techniques for the removal of either cast post or metal prefabricated post or fiber post have been cited in the history. Various removal kits and instruments are available in the market for removal of metal posts or fiber posts. Such techniques if used meticulously and proper case selection done can be very useful for saving the tooth after removal of the post. The tooth can be then be restored with the same or different type and size of the post as was used prior to removal Key Words: Fiber post, Metal post, Post removal.

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