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Volume 2 Issue 3 July- Sep 2018

Review Articles

Hyperdontia Clinical Aspects and Manifestations
Kumari Priyanka Shrivastva, V. Suneel Chandra, Santanu Mukherjee, Rajnish Gakhar

Supernumerary teeth are relatively common and can cause a variety of complications. They are more frequent among men than in women, more common in the maxillary, and surely more prevalent in the permanent dentition. The clinicians need to recognize signs that might be suggesting the presence of supernumerary teeth, especially aberrations in the eruptive pattern, and then perform the relevant investigations. Their treatment depends on the type, position and possible complications detected on clinical and radiographic examination. This article presents a review of the classification, diagnosis and management of this difficult clinical entity. Keywords: Distomolar; Mesiodens; Paramolar; Supernumerary Teeth; Supplemental teeth.

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