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Volume 2 Issue 3 July- Sep 2018

Case Reports

Sharma N, Mittal K, Kaur S

Alteration in hand anatomy results in diverse physical and emotional responses from the patient. Hand is a body part which is of major importance for communication, along with its basic function of grasping, holding and manipulating items. Fingers, as well as partial finger amputations are few of the most frequently encountered forms in which partial hand loss projects. Rehabilitation of an amputated finger is of utmost importance and a well fitted and colour matched finger prosthesis eliminates the constant reminder of the disability; make a patient feel like a capable person and not a handicap. Modern customised as well as properly fabricated silicone finger prosthesis are deemed to be life-like and can assist the amputee in returning to the society, socially as well as psychologically. This case report portrays a simple method to fabricate silicon finger prosthesis. Keywords: Silicone, rehabilitation, amputated finger

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