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Aim and Scope of the Journal

Le Dentistry Journal will cover technical and clinical articles, case reports, research reviews etc. related to health, ethical and social issues in field of Dentistry. It will comprehensively try to cover the frontier of trends in Dentistry and rapidly growing technologies. The aim of Le Dentistry Journal will be to contribute to advancing knowledge and understanding of both theory and practice in Dentistry, by promoting high quality applied and theoretical research.

The primary audience of this publication comprises of the mass general practitioners of Ludhiana, Undergraduate students of the three local Dental Colleges, the Academicians and all other dentists interested in up-gradation of dental knowledge through research updates. The Discipline of Clinical Dental Research has been undergoing changes in scope, methods, instrumentation and technology which is driven by increased awareness of quality health care in India as a whole and Punjab & Ludhiana in specific. The changes in pattern of Dental diseases have further increased the scope of clinical research with shift in focus of research to explore unknown etiological factor and etiopathogenesis.

The journal welcomes and encourages articles from both practitioners and academicians. Articles with clinical interest and implications will be given a preference. The journal charges a very nominal fee for submission, processing or publication of manuscripts and even for color reproduction of photographs.